The Kapok Tree

We met whilst training and have worked together ever since. We offer different skill sets and are continuously learning and adding to the knowledge of what we already know. We like to keep up to date with new therapies and ideas in order to help our clients in the best way possible. We both love nature and know the importance it can play in peoples lives, especially if we are living a fast-paced life in the city. For this reason, we chose to name ourselves after the Kapok Tree which has many different therapeutic meanings. 

"The kapok tree represents a turning point in the trajectory of our life. This can feel chaotic because our world may seem to be spinning out of control. In fact, this is an opportunity to reset and make positive changes. The spirit of ceiba reminds us that nothing is constant except change. Even the best made plans can change due to unforeseen circumstances. This may signal a turning point in our life that could bring unexpected news. By embracing this time of change, we learn how to best use what is being offered to us. This is a chance to turn things around and seek new opportunities."-