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What we offer

Long term therapy

We offer 50-minute sessions open-ended. In long-term therapy, we take time to build up a strong relationship with our clients so that the working alliance can help the client move forward. 

Face to Face Sessions

All face-to-face sessions are 50 minutes long. All of our spaces are welcoming, plant-filled, and places of calm. To check where we work please view our profiles, water is provided and we will be keeping within the COVID-19 guidelines. 

Online/ Telephone Sessions

Being online might feel less daunting and can be as effective as face-to-face therapy. We have undertaken further training to give online therapy. We have worked online through the pandemic and are up to date with COVID guidelines. Through Zoom, Skype and over telephone we can access our clients from wherever they are in the world

Online & Face to Face

We know how hectic life can be so if you would like to mix it up and do online one week and face to face another, we can do what suits you and your timetable.

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